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Build Your Own

Want to build your own Tiny Home!

...Now you can...just like the pros!

Your Foundation is everything.  In our builds, Tiny House New York uses a high quality, heavy-duty trailer.  Our unique design is custom made just for Tiny Homes.  It's not re-purposed from an old RV or a landscape trailer...and no other builder has all of these specifications.

  • 14,000 # axles (build your tiny home on a "rock")

  • Torsion control suspension (no leaf springs)

  • Heavy-duty steel

  • Full sized tires and custom rims

  • Rust inhibitor spray

  • Powder coated black

  • Heavy duty tongue

  • Secret, roll-out deck for easy storage when towing

  • Support on 16 inches

  • Insulated frame

  • Sealed bottom (no critters)

  • ...and way more!

Buy your best foundation right here at Tiny House New York.  Use your plans or ours.  Every trailer comes with our 8.6 X 20 base Tiny Home Design Plan.  We've done all the design, testing and guess work for you already!  Save on the labor and add your own "sweat equity"

...Tiny Home Trailer $9,990 with warranty.