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Summer, 2018

Tiny House New York – Simplicity meets Sophistication
Enjoy simple living, financial freedom, lifestyle freedom, and “off-grid” freedom


Victor— Summer, 2018 — On September 8th, Tiny House New York (THNY) offers an open house for its tiny house model, Simplicity.  The Simplicity model offers a turn-key custom tiny home with features you would only find in a much more expensive build.  From its custom Ambrosia Maple interior to its double staircase and lofts, this home has everything you need for your four-season lifestyle.  Please join us for Hang-Around Victor Days for a tour.

 “DaVinci says ‘Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication’.  We feel our Simplicity tiny home has a simple elegance about it.  It is practical but beautiful” said Ken Rieck, VP of Design for Tiny House New York.

Financial Freedom

There’s a movement for people to get away from debt.  Many people carry college tuition debt and don’t want to compound that with an expensive mortgage.  A tiny house is an affordable alternative where your not wasting rent dollars and you own your own home.

For around $60,000 you can own a new home and with the freedom of portability it offers a ton of upside. 

“A tiny house on wheels offers a freedom that other generations have not seen before.” Said Mark Turner, VP of Sales, Tiny House New York.  “Your home moves with you when you find that new job in another city.”

Lifestyle Freedom

Have you ever wanted to take the summer off and travel without worrying about the lawn and the dog back home?  A tiny home provides that lifestyle…the lawn changes from city to city but the dog comes with you.  Now you can vacation, travel and work where ever and whenever you like. 

“You can pull into a campground with this home and hook up the electric and water just like an RV, except this is a four-season insulated home.”  Stated Ken Rieck.

“Off-Grid” Freedom

Going hunting with your friends, working in your tiny office or on the shores of your favorite beach…this tiny home is built to be on or off-grid.  With its 50 amp service and RV plug you can go almost anywhere.  Add a generator and you can go anywhere. 


Founded in 2017, Tiny House New York offers a solution to those seeking affordable housing, a home office or a high-end cottage on wheels.  The home is built to withstand hurricanes, is insulated and energy efficient.  It comes with a kitchen, bathroom, two sleeping lofts and a state of the art Daikin HVAC system offering both heat and air conditioning..


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